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East lake (Anchorage)

Alligator River (Anchorage)

Deep Point and Bear Point

Mile 102
anchor just in front of the mooring in 7 feet.

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Howard [ Just Imagine ] 22-Oct-1957

Upper Pungo (Anchorage)

Good holding. Enter between R "24" and G "23" and travel 360 degrees for 1/2 mile then follow the middle of the creek about 3/4 mile farther, where you can anchor in a large open area protected from waves all around by marsh grasses

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Howard [ Just Imagine ] 22-Oct-1958

Dowry Creek (Anchorage)

anchor up the creek beyond the marina
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 23-Nov-1958

Belhaven (Town Dock)

Nice town.  historic houses, friendly people, excellent shopping. good restaurants. 

take a slip with shelter from breakwater. anchorage is not so good.

Golf carts licensed for streets are available at marinas for shopping trips. 

Hardware store downtown has almost everything.

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Howard [ Just Imagine ] 31-Jan-1959

Pungo Creek (Anchorage)

Attractive, spacious, sheltered, 7-8 feet . Holding may be poor, watch for crab pots.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 22-Jun-1959

Slade Creek (Anchorage)

No markers, but no problems. Anchor in 6 ft off Spellman Ck.  Some local traffic with no lights. 

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Howard [ Just Imagine ] 22-Oct-1959