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We set off on this hike from the marina armed with a primitive map that we had been given, but we kept coming up against big farm fences and gates and no trespassing signs.

Completely coincidently we came across several other hikers in separate groups (I think there were about 12 of us) that just happened to be trying to go the same way.

Emboldened by our safety in numbers, we all climbed over a fence and continued up the mountain path. It was a very worthwhile trip to the summit and then down the winding road to Cala Vincente. Breathtaking views from the top.

We had a drink in Cala Vincente and then walked out to the tombs at the back of town and finally hitch hiked a ride to the town of Pollenca (about 2 miles from the Port of Pollenca) and then caught a bus back to the port. What a wonderful day!
Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 10-Oct-2005

Somewhere here we jumped the fence (Hike)