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You are transported back to the 18th century in the Town Square. There are stocks to punish the wicked, and at certain times of the day, the Town Crier dressed in period costume, comes out ringing his bell to read the daily news.

Usually on the agenda is the punishment of a wench that has spoken rudely to her husband or some such other ill. This involves putting her in a special device called a ducking stool, like a big see-saw, and she is then immersed in the harbor water, several times, depending on how quickly she repents.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 24-Oct-2008

The White Horse Tavern (Bar)

It is traditional, if not compulsory, to stop in to the White Horse for a Dark and Stormy or two (or three........).

A Dark and stormy is a drink made from Goslings Dark Rum (the dark part) and ginger beer (the stormy part). It has to be good and tangy gingerbeer, which is difficult to find, west of Bermuda.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 24-Oct-2008

Replica of Deliverance (Point of Interest)

Replica of the ship that was built by the shipwrecked founders of Bermuda to sail on to Virginia and, later,  return to Bermuda.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 24-Oct-2008