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     Engine Oil Complete oil change x2
  Transmission oil  
  Light machine oil  
  Grease general purpose
  Silicone Sealer  
  Duct Tape  
  Electrical Tape  
  Epoxy Glue  
  Fastenings nuts, bolts, screws, small large
  Fuses To fit all equipment
  Breakers various  amperage
  Light bulbs compass, nav, interior, chart, mast
  Bilge pump kits  
  Manual Bilge pump and hose
  Toilet Spares Kit  
  Flashlight bulbs  
  Flashlight Batteries  
  Batteries other equipment
  Wire, Electrical  
  Bulldog clamps  
  Rigging wire  
  Seizing wire  
  Whipping Twine  
  Shackles various sizes
  Sail neeldles, palm  
  Sail cloth to match all sails
  Split pins  
  Distilled Water for batteries
  Softwood Plugs Make sure they fit seacocks
  Spares for any special equipment
  Outboard spares spark plugs, 2 stroke oil, gasoline
  Stern tube packing  
   Hose clamps  various sizes

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 23-Oct-2008