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Howard [ Just Imagine ] 23-Oct-2008

Safety Equipment Check List (Seamanship)

Ready-for-Sea checklist

Safety Equipment Check List
      Life Raft Check valid date, Release mechanism
  Life Jackets Number, and where stowed
  Safety Harnesses Attachment points. Service shackles
  MOB Bouy (Horseshoe) and Dan bouy
  MOB Light Check function, battery
  Throwing line  (and coit)
  Boarding Ladder  
  Epirb Battery replacement. Registration
   Flares (Red Rocket)  
   Flares (Hand)  
   Flares (Orange Smoke)  
   Flares (White Rocket)  
   Fire Extinguishers  
   Fog Horn  
   Radar Reflector  

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 10-Oct-2008

Spares Check List

     Engine Oil Complete oil change x2
  Transmission oil  
  Light machine oil  
  Grease general purpose
  Silicone Sealer  
  Duct Tape  
  Electrical Tape  
  Epoxy Glue  
  Fastenings nuts, bolts, screws, small large
  Fuses To fit all equipment
  Breakers various  amperage
  Light bulbs compass, nav, interior, chart, mast
  Bilge pump kits  
  Manual Bilge pump and hose
  Toilet Spares Kit  
  Flashlight bulbs  
  Flashlight Batteries  
  Batteries other equipment
  Wire, Electrical  
  Bulldog clamps  
  Rigging wire  
  Seizing wire  
  Whipping Twine  
  Shackles various sizes
  Sail neeldles, palm  
  Sail cloth to match all sails
  Split pins  
  Distilled Water for batteries
  Softwood Plugs Make sure they fit seacocks
  Spares for any special equipment
  Outboard spares spark plugs, 2 stroke oil, gasoline
  Stern tube packing  
   Hose clamps  various sizes

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 23-Oct-2008

Navigation Gear Check List (Technical)

     Charts Paper, small large scale, alternate ports
  Charts Electronic
  Pilot Charts Predicted ocean weather conditions
  Pilot books Cruising Guides, Waterway guides, etc.
  Nautical Almanac  
  Sight reduction Tables  
  Plotting sheets  
  Tide Tables and tidal atlas
  Stop watch for reducing sights
  List of Radio signals  
  List of lights  
  Dividers One handed
  Parallel Rules  Or set of two nav set squares
  Chronometer  or good digital watch(es)
  Hand bearing Compass  
  Steering Compass with deviation card
  VHF Radio  
  SSB radio  
  Depth and Speed  
  Chart plotter  
  Direction Finder  
  Laptop charting and weather fax software
  Lead line  
  Flashlight and batteries  

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 23-Oct-2008

Personal Gear Check List (Technical)

      Bedding Sleeping bag, Sheets, Pillow
  Foul Weather gear Jacket, pants, boots
  Sweater Polo Neck
  Jacket Warm parker
  Wooly hat  
  Sun Hat  
  Sun Glasses  
  Reading Glasses  
  Track suits  
  Bathing suits  
  Tooth Paste  
  Brush or comb  
  Shaving Cream  

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 23-Oct-2008

Deck and Rigging Check List

     Masthead Shives, Pins, Standing Rigging
  Turnbuckles Secured and taped
  Halyards Chafe, Meat hooks
  Sheets OK, spare sheets
  Reefing Lines Sail ties
  Furling systems Free running
  Winches Checked, Serviced
  Spinnaker pole (Whisker) Check and service fittings
  Winch handles Stow spare
  Sails Wear, hanks, slides, stitching, leach lines, battens
  Main track gate  
  Anchors accessable, shackles moused, chain and rode, check length, Bitter end secured
  Mooring Lines  
  Dinghy Securely lashed, oars, oarlocks
  Boat hook  
  Scrub Brish  
  Navigation Lights P&S and aft Running Lights, Streaming, Anchor, Tricolor, Deck lights
  Compass light  
  Water tanks full  
  Deck leaks Hatches, ports and deck seam
  Emergency water Secured on deck
  Ensign and signaling flag. Q flag, Courtesy flages
  Shackle Key Spike and deck pliers
  Outboard engine stowage, fuel tank clean, secured.
  Steering Vane operation, spares

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 23-Oct-2008

Below Deck Check List

      Seacocks Locate, Check and exercise all
  Hose clamps and hoses Double clamped below water level
  Stern Gland, Steering Gland Inspect, Check wrench, spare packing
  Bilges Clean and Dry. Limber holes clear
  Bilge Pumps Checked and serviced, hoses, strainer
  Fresh water pump Electric and manual backup
  Fresh water tanks Clean and full
  Steering System Cables, hydraulics, emergency tiller, quadrant, gland
  Cooking Stove Check Burners and gas lines
  Gas bottles Full. No leaks. Emergency shut off. Hoses. Drain
  Fuel Tanks Full.
  Fuel Filters Clean. Several spares
  Batteries Terminals clean, water level, secure. venting.
  Electrical system Terminals secure. Cabin lights.
  Engine Manuals, maintenance, engine clean, starts
  Engine Oil level. Oil clean. Leaks. Spare oil.
  Engine Coolant level. Clean. Leaks.
  Engine Transmission oil level.
  Engine Engine mounts secure.
  Tool Kit Wrench sizes, Complete
  Oil Levels Spare oil (enough for oil change X2)
  Transmission Power forward and reverse. Fluid level, spare
  Shaft gland Tight, no leaks
  Oil Filter Spares
  Stowage secure Cupboards and door catches
  Toilet Operation. Leaks. Holding tank. Spare paper.
  Leecloths and bunks  
  Fishing Gear  
  Kerosene lamps Full. spare kerosene
  Provisioning Crew x Days x 3 meals  
  Galley utelsils Cups, plates, cutlery, pots, pans, paper towel, dishsoap
  Abandon Ship Bag Flares, water, food

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 23-Oct-2008

Paperwork Check List

     Ship's Ownership papers  Check expiration date
  Letter of Authority (If not owner)
  Charter Contract  
  Radio  Licence Call Sign, IMO
  Return Air Tickets  
  Engine Hours logged  
  Fuel and Water Logged  
  Ships Log book  
  Work book  
  Equipment manuals  
  Proof of Insurance   required by many marinas
   Captain's license  

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 23-Oct-2008

Tool Kit Check List

    Wrenches (Spanners) Metric and Standard
  Adjustable wrenches Large and Small
  Monkey Wrench or Chain wrench to fit stern tube.
  Vice grips  
  Pliers & cutters Blunt and needle nose
  Screwdrivers Flat, Philips, Stubby, small, large
  Cold Chisel  
  Hack saw and blades
  Hand Drill and bits In addition to Battery drill
  Files Flat round fine bastard
  Allen Keys Satndard and Metric
  Test Meter and lamp
  Wire Cutters To cut rigging wire

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 23-Oct-2008