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      Seacocks Locate, Check and exercise all
  Hose clamps and hoses Double clamped below water level
  Stern Gland, Steering Gland Inspect, Check wrench, spare packing
  Bilges Clean and Dry. Limber holes clear
  Bilge Pumps Checked and serviced, hoses, strainer
  Fresh water pump Electric and manual backup
  Fresh water tanks Clean and full
  Steering System Cables, hydraulics, emergency tiller, quadrant, gland
  Cooking Stove Check Burners and gas lines
  Gas bottles Full. No leaks. Emergency shut off. Hoses. Drain
  Fuel Tanks Full.
  Fuel Filters Clean. Several spares
  Batteries Terminals clean, water level, secure. venting.
  Electrical system Terminals secure. Cabin lights.
  Engine Manuals, maintenance, engine clean, starts
  Engine Oil level. Oil clean. Leaks. Spare oil.
  Engine Coolant level. Clean. Leaks.
  Engine Transmission oil level.
  Engine Engine mounts secure.
  Tool Kit Wrench sizes, Complete
  Oil Levels Spare oil (enough for oil change X2)
  Transmission Power forward and reverse. Fluid level, spare
  Shaft gland Tight, no leaks
  Oil Filter Spares
  Stowage secure Cupboards and door catches
  Toilet Operation. Leaks. Holding tank. Spare paper.
  Leecloths and bunks  
  Fishing Gear  
  Kerosene lamps Full. spare kerosene
  Provisioning Crew x Days x 3 meals  
  Galley utelsils Cups, plates, cutlery, pots, pans, paper towel, dishsoap
  Abandon Ship Bag Flares, water, food

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 23-Oct-2008 {EDITOR}