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     Masthead Shives, Pins, Standing Rigging
  Turnbuckles Secured and taped
  Halyards Chafe, Meat hooks
  Sheets OK, spare sheets
  Reefing Lines Sail ties
  Furling systems Free running
  Winches Checked, Serviced
  Spinnaker pole (Whisker) Check and service fittings
  Winch handles Stow spare
  Sails Wear, hanks, slides, stitching, leach lines, battens
  Main track gate  
  Anchors accessable, shackles moused, chain and rode, check length, Bitter end secured
  Mooring Lines  
  Dinghy Securely lashed, oars, oarlocks
  Boat hook  
  Scrub Brish  
  Navigation Lights P&S and aft Running Lights, Streaming, Anchor, Tricolor, Deck lights
  Compass light  
  Water tanks full  
  Deck leaks Hatches, ports and deck seam
  Emergency water Secured on deck
  Ensign and signaling flag. Q flag, Courtesy flages
  Shackle Key Spike and deck pliers
  Outboard engine stowage, fuel tank clean, secured.
  Steering Vane operation, spares

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 23-Oct-2008