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A delightful internet cafe and business center run by Gay and Arnold.

Located on the east side of the dockyard underneath the Signal Locker.

Provides WiFi to both English and Falmouth harbours. Look for HotHotHotSpot on your wireless network. Prepaid cards available at Lord Jim's Locker in Falmouth and at Image Locker, Archibald Reid and Signal Locker, in Nelson's Dockyard.

Image-Locker also provide High Speed Internet, Photocopies, Telephone & Fax, Crew Placement, Internet Phone, Business Cards, Laminating, Brochures, Scanning, Posters, Photo Processing, Digital Prints, Passport & ID Photos, Courier, CD Burning, Thermal & Ring Binding.

Go to :www.image-locker.com for pricing and further information.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 31-Dec-1969

The Image Locker ceased to exist many years ago!

John and Martha [ Antigua ] 31-Dec-1969