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I read a recent report on yachtdoris.blogspot.com that there are mooring bouys available at EC$100/3 days. Apparently "Phat Shag" and "African" are the names of the official mooring boys.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 30-Jan-2009
Be careful of your dinghy here. Dinghies have a habit of untieing themselves from the dock and floating out to sea, only to be rescued by some local good samaritans who will demand a tidy ransom for the return of the dinghy.

The authorities were quite unsympathetic when we went to report the matter and insisted that we pay the man for his gallant deed.

Otherwise, it is one of the most beautiful anchorages in the Caribbean.

The Frangipani restaurant is a must.

They also make traditional boat models here that should not be missed.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 20-Oct-2008

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 20-Oct-2008

Frangipani Restaurant (Restaurant)

At one of these dinghy docks along this shore
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 20-Oct-1981