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This is the French side of the island.

The one-day anchorage fee (plus the clearance fee) for all vessels 8-13 metres is 20 euros, 13-18 metres 30 euros, 18-23 metres 40 euros, and so on.

Longer stays for non-residents are charged on a per metre per day basis. For example, a 13-metre vessel will pay an anchorage fee of 25 euro cents per metre for a charge of about three euros per day for up to a three-day stay. For stays longer than three days, the rate goes up to 35 euro cents
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 20-Oct-2008

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 20-Oct-2008

Market Place Wifi (WiFi)

Public Market, Les Amandiers
Marigot, French West Indies
Saint-Martin 97150

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 12-Mar-2009