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Panarea is where the rich and famous are reported to hang out, but we did not see anyone in May. It is a very pretty town with flowers and painted walls and nice shops and restaurants.
Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 28-May-2006

San Pietro, Panorea

Cala Zimmari

Zimmari (Anchorage)

This anchorage, also known as Baia Milazzese, is one of the most secure anchorages in the archipelago.  Avoid anchoring in the bay to the east as there are underwater cables. 
Il Miglio Blue [ Il Miglio Blue ] 22-Feb-2010
Beautiful secure anchorage in which we stayed 2 days. Nice beach and restaurant.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 06-Mar-2007

Zimmari (Beach)

Bronze Age Village (Historic)

The bay to the west of "Zimmari" is known as Cala Junco and is actually a marine reserve and it is forbidden to anchor or enter with a motorized vessel.  Anchor offshore and enter by swimming or with the oars.  Good snorkeling and nice ruins up on the cliff overlooking the bay.
Il Miglio Blue [ Il Miglio Blue ] 22-Feb-2010
There are steps going up from Zimmari bay to the remains of the bronze age prehistoric village on the peninsula.

We actually dinghied around to the beautiful cove on the other side and climbed those steps.

The large round pebbles on the beach can be hard to walk on.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 29-May-2006

Good restaurant (Restaurant)

We had a wonderful dinner here on our second night.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 24-Mar-2009

Panaria (Anchorage)

While yachts can tie up to the pier it is not recommended.  A few years ago a large storm came through and the boats tied up to the pier were not able to get off quickly and were badly damaged.  Anchors over anchors, big problems. 

Rather than use the pier there are numerous buoys or lay anchor.  It is illegal to anchor south of an immaginary line that runs from the head of the pier to the west coast of Basiluzzo (a large island offshore of Panarea).  Anchor well north of the pier to avoid problems. 
Il Miglio Blue [ Il Miglio Blue ] 22-Feb-2010
We anchored in the harbour under the cliff.

Someone appeared to be living or camping at the top of the overhanging cliff in a hammock.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 23-Feb-2008