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Just Imagine sailed from Fort Lauderdale with an experienced crew of five, consisting of old friends, going back 20 years and more, some of which we had not seen in years.

It was a wonderful reunion and we all got on really well without any need for adaptation, except for the fact that we had all, long since, graduated from the hardships of cramped spaces of tiny boats to larger houses and larger boats.

Deck leaks and strong head seas turned comfy bunks into soggy, squishy messes and we ended up hot-bunking in the salon with some sleeping on the floor.

I am sure that Sue and Bruce were very pleased to see land and fly back from Bermuda to the comforts of home. David sailed on with us to the Azores, but had to shorten his schedule and fly back from Horta.

We were so lucky to have sailed with experienced sailors that knew, before we left the dock, that life at sea can be somewhat different than the dream  we all imagine.

While we loved having our friends aboard to share the start of our voyage, and the ease of a five person watch system, Jayne and I found that life became a lot more simple when it was just the two of us.

In conclusion, while a 38 footer might be able to sleep 7 or 8 people, not only do these have to be really good , (and tolerant)  friends, but, unless you are on some sort of endurance test,  a week or two or three is about as much fun and adventure as you and your friends would want to endure.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 10-Oct-2008

Watch system (Seamanship)

On Just Imagine we had an overlapping watch system at night, and single watches during the day. This way, you had someone to talk to during your watch and help out when needed. The second person would often snooze in the cockpit, but within easy earshot, if you needed their attention. (See the watchkeeping table below)

When you first came on watch, you were in standby mode for the first 2 hours, which allowed you time to wake up, make a cup of coffee, and get your bearings.

At the end of the first 2 hours, you became the primary watch keeper, and a new person came up in standby. The Monitor windvane, or the autopilot did most of the steering, so watchkeeping was pretty easy.

Since "J" (Jayne) elected to do most of the cooking, she chose to stand watch at the same times every day, after dinner and before breakfast.

  0800- 1000- 1200- 1400- 1600- 1800- 2000- 2200- 2400- 0200- 0400- 0600-
EVEN DAYS 1000 1200 1400 1600 1800 2000 2200 2400 0200 0400 0600 0800
On watch H S B D H S J B D H S J
Standby Individual watches during day B D H S J B
ODD DAYS                        
On watch B D H S B D J H S B D J
Standby Individual watches during day H S B D J H

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 10-Oct-2008