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Eggs (Food)

The secret of keeping eggs is to find a source of unrefrigerated fresh eggs, straight from the hen. They can last for months onboard without refrigeration provided you treat them carefully and turn the boxes once per week. After a week or two, the yokes tend to settle to one side, so turning the box of eggs periodically, slows this process.

Some people believe in coating the eggs with Vaseline petroleum jelly, but I can't vouch for this method.

If you can only get refrigerated, supermarket eggs, you will need to keep them refrigerated or only buy enough for a week or two.

When the eggs are a few weeks old, it is advisable to check each egg by breaking it into a cup before adding it to the omelet or soufflé, just in case you get a bad one.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 10-Oct-2008