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Private Cruise Ship Island

We anchored off here next to the old Norwegian Cruise Line Norway and rowed ashore again for another fine barbecue rib lunch with the cruise ship passengers. We were quite seasoned at this after doing the same at Little Stirrup Cay the day before.

We had been told by someone at Great Harbour Marina that it was common practice for cruisers to partake with the passengers.

We got here early in the morning and went snorkeling on the reef. A few minutes after the Norway dropped anchor we were greeted by one of those memorable scenes, with about 75 cruise ship passengers all equipped with the the same color masks, snorkels, and buoyancy vests, swimming frantically out toward the reef. It was somehow reminiscent of that famous 1952 Life magazine photo of an audience watching a 3D movie all wearing their 3D glasses. I wish I had a camera with me.
Howard and Jayne [ Rynegiest ] 13-Jul-1992