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We bought Rynegiest in 1984 in Newport, Rhode Island and lived aboard and sailed her back and forth each season, from Newport to Fort Lauderdale.

We had many a great adventure on this fine little boat in the Bahamas and Florida keys.

The hull and deck were built in 1976 in Poole, on the Hamble in England and sold for owner completion. The original owner, Peter, overbuilt her with extra stringers and over sized bulkheads and rigging. He sailed her across the Atlantic from England to the Caribbean and on to Florida, before trucking her up to Newport where we fell in love with her.

She is a real sailing boat. We sailed her for years with the original Yanmar YSE8 8HP engine which only drove her at about 3 knots in good conditions.

Years later we re-powered with an 18HP Yanmar and could finally motor at a decent speed in most conditions.

We traded Rynegiest (plus a bunch of cash) for our Shannon 38, Just Imagine in 2002.

The name of the boat, we found out, is actually ancient Anglo-Saxon English, meaning literally "running spirit" or "lightning". We thought about changing the name, but it was embossed on each side of the hull in tinted epoxy resin, and we finally came to love the uniqueness of the name.

If anyone should see her, we would love to know where she is today.
Howard and Jayne [ Rynegiest ] 09-Jul-1984