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Port Yasmine in Hammamet is a very spacious and well run Port with WiFi (you pay 30 dinar for a week. 1 dinar is about $1 or .60 Euros at writing), nice showers, spacious berths, good security. Gas is very easy to access (and cheaper than in Spain or France), immediately on your Port side as you enter. There is plenty of room to turn around and make maneuvers. Easy entry in almost any wind conditions. We are a 50 ft catamaran and paid ~ 100 dinar a night (with electricity and water).

Note that this is not an ideal place for boat repairs (there is a good sail repair place in Sousse). We had to use the Rodriguez Group out of desperation. They didn't even have their own tools.

The town of Yasmine has many restaurants but a very very poorly stocked supermarket (although at the entrance of Yasmine (from the main road to Hammamet) there is small produce stand that sells pretty good fresh produce). The town of Hammamet is a 6 dinar taxi ride away (15 minutes) and has a nice Medina.
V, Ted & Ria [ Verite ] 11-Jun-2008