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WiMax is like WiFi on steroids providing link speeds up to 10 MBs with a 10 mile range.

It is currently only available in a few cities around the world, but will soon be available worldwide, like the GSM mobile phone system.

A company called Clearwire is begining to set up Wimax services in a few sample cities in USA and Europe.

Until it becomes a common consumer product, WiMax might be cost prohibitive for the average cruiser.

WiMax is available in Palma de Mallorca from a company called OmniAccess that caters mostly to superyachts, but they have lower budget services that might be suitable for small yachts that will be based in Palma on a monthly basis.

OmniAccess can be reached at +34 971221 979 or at sales@omniaccess.com

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 22-Mar-2008