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This is a great link to information in the Gouvia Bay, Kontakali area.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 25-Aug-2006

Gouvia Marina (Marina)

Great english mechanic (been there 30 years) works out of the marina - Bob Sutcliffe. We had bad engine problems in 8/10 and he sorted them completely and at very reasonable price.

Crispin [ Pilgrim ] 14-Apr-2011
Walking distance to bars & restaurants & shops where the younger set of land tourists congregate. Little bit pricey, but very nice. Good facilities. Close to restaurants, but quite a long bus ride to Corfu town.
Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 30-Nov-1999

Bus Stop to Town (Bus)

#7 Bus to town

The bus stop is not clearly marked, but it is in the service (side) road when one walks out of the marina to the main road.

There is a vendor of earth moving equipment next to where the bus stops.

The bus to catch is the Number 7 with Dassia on the nameplate.
Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 31-Dec-1969

Float Plane (Hazard)

Beware the float plane that takes off and lands frequently in the bay next to the marina (N/S) or in the cut coming into the bay(E/W). The plane docks in the southeast corner of the marina.
Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 30-Nov--0001

Gouvia Anchorage (Anchorage)

8-10 meters Sand and weed. Average holding. OK once set. Good shelter from North. Convenient dinghy to fuel dock or marina. Spent several days on anchor here waiting for parts
Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 30-Nov--0001

Restaurant Area (Restaurant)

Fuel Dock (Fuel)

Telesilla Hotel (Restaurant)

This is a fun place with good food. The friendly staff put on a great greek dancing show around the swimming pool complete with fountain.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 30-Dec-2007

Kontokali Laundry (Laundry)

Though it looks like self service, they prefer you to drop off.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 30-Dec-2007

Keith Fisher (Mechanic)

Keith came highly recommended and was my main reason for coming to Corfu. I had a leaking heat exchanger that could not be sourced down in Levkas. Keith had no problem getting a new heat exchanger within a few days and adapting it to fit my Perkins 4108.

He aslo removed and rebuilt my leaking gearbox. Unfortunately the gearbox had a problem when we left Gouvia. We sailed back, as the gearbox was making a horrible noise, and used the dinghy to push the boat to the fuel dock.

Keith gave me a loaner gearbox and we sailed away for a few days as planned, while he attended to our original gearbox. A few days later we returned and he refitted the gearbox.

Keith is a very resourceful engineer. He is English speaking, extremely competent, friendly and reliable and I highly recommend him if you are having engine problems in this area.

His phone number is +30 6936833642
Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 05-Jul-2006

AB Supermarket (Supermarket)

A large supermarket within easy walking distance of the marina.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 31-Dec-1969

Chandler (Chandlery)

Somewhere here on the side road.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 03-Mar-2008