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Vlikho Bay (Anchorage)

This is a wonderfully protected and huge anchorage where many people winter afloat.

There are shops and chandlers and restaurants along the shore and it is an easy dinghy ride to Nidri town for more serious shopping.

A great place to hang out and do repairs or maintenance.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 12-Aug-2006

Used marine store (Chandlery)

In the SW corner of the anchorage is a used gear store that sells old anchors and other odds and ends.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 01-Mar-2008

Nidri Town

A fun filled waterfront town with great restaurants and bars.

There are good supermarkets and chandlers.

I bought an excellant 20Kg Bruce anchor copy for 72. The genuine artical is about 5 times that price.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 13-Aug-2006

Dinghy dock (Dockage)

Coming from Vlikho I docked the dinghy here.
Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 04-Jan-2008

Cafe di Paris (Bar)

This is a lively afternoon hangout bar where you can watch the world go by. Friendly staff and manager.

Not to think that the Cafe de Paris has any French connection. It takes it's name from the Greek owner whose name is "Paris".

His son Panos manages the bar most of the time.

They serve great hamburgers and other fare.

They also have great free wifi.


Howard [ Just Imagine ] 03-Jun-2007

Cafe di Paris (WiFi)

I brought my laptop in the dinghy to Cafe de Paris several afternoons to catch up on email and have a beer or two.

They have a very strong wifi signal.

When I was passing by with the boat leaving Vlikho anchorage to head north, I drifted for a few minutes out in the bay so that I could get my last emails from Cafe de Paris
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 03-Jun-2007

Levkas Town

A great town with many tourists.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 15-Aug-2006

Contract Yacht Services (Services)

Owner Joe Charlton.

Phone +30 264 502 4490. They are located a few meters from the town dock in Levkas.

CYS removed my heat exchanger that was leaking saltwater to fresh and we sat on the dock for a week while they tried unsuccessfully to source a replacement part.

Each day I would go into the office and be told, "nothing yet, we are working on it, but we are very busy".

At the end of the week they expressed regrets that they were unable to source the part.

I took back the old heat exchanger and traced which tubes were leaking using a dinghy pump and soap bubbles and then tried to plug them up with sealant and some electrical wire that fit the tubes exactly. Didn't work too well, but at least it got us up to Corfu where we could get a new heat exchanger sourced by Keith Fisher
Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 13-Aug-2006

Dockage (Town Dock)

We anchored, bow-to along this wall.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 30-Dec-2007

Fuel Dock (Fuel)

Levkas Marina (Marina)

Levkas Port Authority (Formalities)

Above the bus station and supermarket
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 30-Dec-2007

Crepes (Food)

Near the waterfront on northern end of town there are some terrific crepe places.

They have two large, round hot plates in the window which they cover with a thin layer of batter to cook the crepes.

The crepes are then wrapped and filled to order with savory (cheese, meat, tomatoes etc) or sweet fillings.

We did not try the sweet ones, but went back at every opportunity for the savory ones which were delicious.
Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 21-Mar-2008

Levkas Swing Bridge (Bridge)

I think this opens on the hour.

Not only do the spans rise up, but the whole floating bridge swings to the side.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 16-Aug-2006

Levkas Entrance (Entrance)

Beware the shoals near the beach beyond the turning point.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 30-Dec-2007

Levkas canal (Waterway)

Pilotage is relatively easy but don't get too close to the edges of the marked channel. Channel markers of galvanised pipe are often placed without removing the old ones and some have broken off (or rusted through) near water level. This is not a place to be after dark!
Andrew and Chele [ Shindig ] 25-Jul-2008
This ancient, man-made canal is easy to negotiate, but you need to pay attention.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 14-Aug-2006

Ponti (Anchorage)

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 18-Mar-2009

Vassiliki (Town Dock)

Shallow harbour. Stay close to breakwater
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 18-Mar-2009

Sivota (Anchorage)