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Great place for just about everything a cruiser could need!  We spent the winter here, which was expensive, but worth it! More details on www.kotare.net including information on services, marinas, shopping, chandlerys etc.

Alex & Carol [ Kotare ] 28-Apr-2012
Mallorquin not Spanish

Even if you think you are starting to understand Spanish, you now find that the people are using another language; Mallorquin, which is Catalan, French and Spanish combined.

I studied a Spanish CD course while I was here for the winter, but at the end of it, realized that I had no clue what the people were saying around me.

Of course, many locals speak English and German too, as well as regular Spanish.

Palma is a fascinating city with every modern convenience combined with the splendours of the old town with myriad restaurants, sights and bars.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 14-Sep-2005

Club Nautico (Marina)

Convenient to town and all the sights, restaurants, clubs and museums.

We spent about 2 weeks here before beginning our circumnavigation of the island.
Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 04-Sep-2005

Laundry Service (Laundry)

This nice drop off laundry did my laundry each week throughout the winter. Usually ready next day. Nicely folded.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 02-Dec-2008

Club de Mar (Marina)

Just Imagine wintered here in Club de Mar in 2006. Well protected from even bad weather that caused damage elsewhere.

It was not cheap. I think I paid 600 per month including electricity, but luckily I had some contract work to offset the cost, and I needed a secure place to keep the boat while I traveled.

Convenient to Carre Four supermarket just a two minute walk up the hill. Quite far from the center of town, but the bus service is good or a 15 minute bike ride.
Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 23-Oct-2005

Marine Machine (Perkins) (Services)

A supplier of Perkins diesel engine parts and services.

Ricard Ankerman 8 in PALMA DE MALLORCA.

+34 971462660

Very nice, helpful people.

I had my old heat exchanger cleaned out by them before the 2006 season. I could not get a price from them when I dropped it off, and I told them I was a poor yachtsman and I worried about how much it would cost.

When I asked for the bill when I went to pick it up I was told that 'today it was free'. He said sometimes he does things for free just for good will.

Earlier in the season they had sourced a replacement raw water pump for my engine.
Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 14-Feb-2006

Belvedere Castle (Historic)

We caught a taxi up here and then walked down the steps to the village below.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 14-Sep-2005

C'an Pedro (Restaurant)

Excellent malloquine restaurant in Genova.

Calle Rector Vives No.4
Tel (971) 40 24 79
Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 02-Jan-2008

Palma Old Town (Excursion)

Great place for resturants, bars & night life as well as the architecture.  For more cruising information on Palma visit www.kotare.co.uk
Alex & Carol [ Kotare ] 28-Apr-2012

One could spend months exploring the wonderful old streets of Palma.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 04-Sep-2005

El Corte Ingles (Shopping)

This is the large department store of Palma selling just about everything one can imagine.

There is a smaller Corte Ingles on Ave Jaume III.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 13-Feb-2008

Palma Train Station (Transport)

This is where you catch the train to the interior, and also the antique train to Soller.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 13-Sep-2005

Yacht Center Palma (Chandlery)

Yacht Center Palma & Marine Super Store

At the entrance to Club Nautico.

They also exchange Campingaz gas bottles.

I read that the other store at Club du Mar has closed.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 12-Apr-2009

Getting around by bus (Bus)

The local EMT bus website has a great utility that one can use to plan your bus connections to anywhere on the island.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 19-Sep-2009

Carre Four Shopping Center (Supermarket)