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Hedonism II (Hotel)

The manager will tell you that, contrary to popular belief, Hedo is not a nudist resort. In fact, most of the grounds and facilities are are actually dedicated to textile customers, and only a small area of the beach, pools and hot tub are for naturist.

This is the magic formula that makes Hedo what it is. You don't have to be a nudist to enjoy the beautiful, exotic, all inclusive gardens, beach, bars, restaurants, discos and watersports, (and many of their customers are not), but there is nothing stopping you from wandering over to the other side and just seeing how comfortable you feel in the altogether with just the sun and sky above you and the sea and the sand below.

Everyone is free to be who they want to be, with the opportunity to experiment a little bit. Many spend the first few days on the 'prude' side and then gradually slide over to the other side and find that it feels perfectly normal to be totally at one with the sea and sand and sun.

The other guests that one will meet are usually accomplished professional people from all over the world and from all walks of life that can afford the somewhat costly daily rate. We found that almost everyone we met were decent, intelligent, interesting people.

Only a very few of the guests were not shy about letting one know that they were part of the swinger lifestyle, and most of these that we met turned out to be really nice people. One never felt any pressure to be anything but oneself.

If you hang out in the hot tub until the early hours of the morning, there is little doubt that you might witness a bit of hanky panky at the other end of the pool, but otherwise the resort is mostly about relaxing and having fun in beautiful surroundings. It is a very romantic, sensual place.

Thursday evening is usually toga night and the resort will provide extra bedsheets for you to create your own costumes. Many regular 'repeaters' will bring their own professional costumes, ranging from full Roman attire to very, I repeat very, skimpy outfits. Theoretically, if you are not in costume you won't get dinner. 'No Sheet, no Eat' is the rule, but seldom strictly enforced.

Another theme evening is the Pajama party in the disco where some costumes can be quite revealing and leave little to the imagination.

The cost of the rooms is not so bad when you consider that all drinks, food, entertainment, tips and most watersports are included.

I really enjoyed the varied buffet breakfasts, lunches and dinners with lots of fish and fruit and exotic tidbits. While the food and the rooms are fine, they are not the main attraction and not the reason that people keep coming back. It is the people, and the experience that keeps people coming back again and again.
The whole experience is a lot of fun.

The most common opening line when you meet people for the first time is 'How many times have you come here?' You will be surprised to meet people that will tell you that this is their 18th or 20th year returning to Hedo II.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 04-Jul-2004

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