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Marina Taina (Marina)

Marina Taina is the first international marina in Tahiti, and one of the very few accommodations suitable for large yachts in the South tropical Pacific.

Two brand new docks reserved to luxury yachts are able to handle up to 27 units at the same time (stern-to with bow moorings - Depth 4 to 15m) and provide an excellent rest area after long passages through the wide ocean.

With a spectacular view over the island of Moorea, it is one of the best spots in Tahiti to enjoy the famous polynesian sunsets.

Located five miles West of Papeete harbor, Marina Taina offers a safe, quiet and pollution-free environment in a beautiful lagoon, with handy access to the sea for diving, snorkeling, surfing, canoeing, or simply swimming in crystal-clear waters.

The Marina is also very close to Tahiti international airport and Papeete city amenities and at walking distance from Continent shopping mall, with the largest supermarket in Tahiti.

Services include electricity (220 V/ 380 V - Three phases - 60 Hz. - 60 to 120 Amps), fresh water, mail handling facilities, office communication, on board telephones, cable TV, and more.

A marine gas station (Fuel delivery on board by pipe), a dive club and a repair shop are located on the premises. Three restaurants and bars allow both crew and passengers to savour state-of-the-art French cuisine and wines while listening to classical music, local jazz bands or traditional music groups.


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great cheese, great pastries, great meat, all of it very expensive but available.
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