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We dinghied in to the dock and tied up on the outside near the root of the mole, and went for a drink at the bar.

A funny story

When we returned to the dinghy, we were horrified to see that the outboard fuel tank was gone.

We paced up and down the dock and along the waterfront, looking accusingly at possible fuel tank thieves. We even reported the problem to a coast guard gentleman that happened to be in the port. He told us all we could do was get a taxi to Vathi and report the loss.

We then rowed all the way back to the boat, and lo and behold, sitting on the side deck was our fuel tank that we had forgotten to put in the boat and hook up to the motor. We had somehow motored all the way ashore on the fumes in the carburetor.

We felt very bad about having thought ill of the locals. During our entire trip though Greece we never heard about anyone having anything stolen.

It seemed to us that the local people throughout Greece are extremely honest and would have no need or inclination to pilfer anything.
Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 04-Aug-2006