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Generally a well protected anchorage.

We rode out a southerly gale here in 1982 on Romadi.

The wind was starting to freshen as we entered the bay and we dropped anchor under sail,  just inside of where we saw a small wave break, hoping to get some protection from a shoal. The wind continued to freshen, and we began to drag the Danforth, so we pulled the fisherman out of the bilges and and assembled it. As it dropped, we were still moving backwards and we needed to put chaffing gear on the nylon rode as the boat began to pitch.

We stood anchor watch all night as the boat pitched and rolled with white water at times over the deck. On the VHF we heard gallant South Africans that had been swimming from boat to boat to provide assistance to others. It was too wild to consider using a dinghy.

We had to adjust the anchor rode several times and change the chafing gear during the night, to avoid wearing through the anchor rode, but we survived unscathed. In the morning there was a big power yacht on the beach.
Howard and Jayne [ Romadi ] 01-Jun-1982

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 01-Jun-1982