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A fascinating British island in the middle of the South Atlantic where Napolean was exiled and where he died in 1821.

Call port control on channel 16 when approaching the island. They may come onboard to clear you in or let you come ashore.

Jamestown is a quaint little town with hotels and pubs.

There is a stairway called Jacob's ladder with 699 steps rising 180m almost vertically, from the port to the top of the valley.

The governers mansion is home to a 200year old tortoise. You can visit Napoleons residence, Longwood and his original tomb. He was later exhumed back to France.

There is only one mailship, The St Helena, that calls twice a month on it's way to and from Southampton and Cape Town. There is no airport which keeps the island rather unique and insular.

Landing from the dinghy can be quite an experience especially when a swell is running. One needs to take hold of ropes hanging off gantry and swing yourself ashore before hauling your dinghy up the steps to safety.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 31-Dec-1981
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 31-Dec-1981


Jacob's Ladder