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I am a little embarrassed to say that we came in here in the dark, using only a hand drawn chart that I had recreated from the description in the pilot books.

We could either stay out all night or ease our way in very carefully watching depth and lights.

The pilot book described a reef (for example)so many cables SSE by 1/4 E from the light, which I then drew on my paper chart.

I was horrified the next morning, looking down at the port from a skyscraper in the city, to see the huge breakwater that had been built on the reef at the entrance to the harbour. We had been completely unaware of this during our entry the night before.

Well, we were young, foolish and very lucky.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 01-Mar-1979

Yacht Club (Marina)

We docked here with Mbamba, a Rhodesian built ferro concrete, Hartley 43 sloop back in 1979 on our way from Uraguay to the Caribbean, after the Cape Town to Uraguay Transatlantic Yacht Race.

This was during carnival, which was quite an eye opener and a lot of fun.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 01-Mar-1979