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JVComm32 Software (Technical)

No SSB installation is complete without an audio cable and JVComm32 shareware software installed on your laptop to provide you with WEATHERFAX, RTTY and NAVTEX. You can download the free evaluation version from www.jvcomm.de/dlframee.html.

The unregistered. demo version will work fine, except for the deliberately annoying reminders that appear superimposed on both the weatherfax charts and the RTTY messages, and the annoying delay when you close the program down, reminding you that it is not a free program, and that you need to send USD$ 83.04 to Eberhard Backeshoff who has done a magnificent job developing this program in his spare time.

And, no JVComm32 installation is complete until you have registered and paid for the privilege of using this great product.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 28-Jan-2008