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Alex & Carol [ Kotare ] 06-Jul-2012
Ibiza is the nightclub capital of the Mediterranean.

We found that we were not qualified to attend, as we could not stay awake until 2 am when the clubs open, and we could not afford the 45 entrance fee or the 12 drinks.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 02-Mar-2008

Ensenada de la Canal (Anchorage)

Very popular touristy beach where the all night clubbers hang out to recover from the night before and prepare for the revelry to come.

There are several, cool bars along the beach playing good music.
Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 21-Aug-2005

Ibiza Town (Anchorage)

We wanted to go to the Club Nautico, but after docking there we found out it was €104 for the night, so we high tailed it out to the harbor entrance to anchor.

We dingied ashore and had a fun evening in Ibiza.

We discovered that we were too old for the clubbing scene in Ibiza, mainly because we could not stay up late enough until the clubs open at 0200 and we also could not afford the €45 entrance fee or the €12 drinks.
Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 22-Aug-2005

Club Nautico (Marina)

We were quoted €104 per night for 12 meters, after we docked here. We left immediately and went to anchor at the harbor entrance.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 31-Jul-2006

Playa d'es Caballet (Anchorage)

We anchored here during the day, but went round the corner to Ensenada dela Canal for the night.

This is an official nude beach. The southern part seems to be predominantly male couples.
Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 24-Aug-2005

Cabo Negret (Anchorage)

Anchored here for lunch and swim.
Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 25-Aug-2005

Cala Salada (Anchorage)

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 26-Aug-2005

Cala Llentrissca (Anchorage)

A nice overnight anchorage with some fisherman huts on the beach and a few nudists from the villas above.
Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 26-Aug-2005

Ensenada de San Miquel (Anchorage)

We anchored toward the west of the bay. Nice resort town even though very touristy.

Took a tourist train up to Calle St Vincent through the town of St Joan where Mick jaggers daughter lives.
Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 27-Aug-2005

Delightful beach bar (Bar)

There is a wonderful beach bar out of the tourist path, on the little beach to the left
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 25-Oct-2008

Isla de sa Ferradura (Point of Interest)

A very exclusive and expensive 14 acre resort on a private island. The island rents out for about $230,000 US dollars per week. or you could buy the whole thing for $40M.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 25-Oct-2008

Cala San Vincente (Anchorage)

This was our step off point for Mallorca.
Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 30-Aug-2005
You can lose each other on a 38ft boat.

We woke up a bit groggy in the anchorage at 0430 to leave for Mallorca. While we were picking up the anchor on the bow in the dark, Jayne told me that she was going below to get a flashlight so that she could look for fishing pots.

With the anchor up I returned to the helm and started to motor out of the bay, but no sign of Jayne. I stuck my head down the hatch and called out to her, but no reply. Must be in the head.

A few moments later, still no Jayne, so I went below opened the head, no-one there. Maybe she went back to bed. Went to the fo'c'sle and felt around in the dark, no Jayne. Back to the head to check again. Maybe she collapsed on the floor. Turn on the light. She is nowhere below.

Thinking she must have gone overboard I went frantically running up to the cockpit, and started yelling her name back into the dark anchorage while awful images flashed through my mind.

That's when she answered calmly from the bow, "Yes, what's the problem".

I just whimpered quietly with relief and we continued to motor out of the bay.

The whole incident took no more than a few seconds, but it is one of the scariest sailing experiences that sticks most in my mind.
Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 29-Aug-2005

Portinatx (Anchorage)

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Alex & Carol [ Kotare ] 06-Jul-2012
We anchored in the little bay to the left.
Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 29-Aug-2005