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From the Odyssey

"Now off their harbour there lies a wooded and fertile island not quite close to the land of the Cyclopes, but still not far.

It is over-run with wild goats, that breed there in great numbers and are never disturbed by foot of man; for sportsmen--who as a rule will suffer so much hardship in forest or among mountain precipices--do not go there, nor yet again is it ever ploughed or fed down, but it lies a wilderness untilled and unsown from year to year, and has no living thing upon it but only goats. read more.....

Favignana is supposed to be the goat island mentioned in the Odyssey above. The land of the Cyclopes would be the Sicilian mainland (Trapani area).
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 02-May-2006


Tuna Factory (Point of Interest)

Favignana Town Dock (Town Dock)

When I asked the cost of dockage, I was told that a small tip would be fine.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 23-Jan-2008

Island Tour (Excursion)

The island is full of old tofu (sand stone marble) quarries. The stone was cut out of the ground and used to face many beautiful buildings in Trapani.

Today the quarries are filled with fruit orchards and provide very picturesque and interesting settings.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 23-Jan-2008

Anna Taxi- Giro dell'isola (Excursion)

This charming young lady will take you on a wonderful tour of the island.

She has a 9 seater, air conditioned mini-bus. Her Phone number is 347 479 6745 or 333 318 3112.

And her website www.egadiweb.it/taxi/setzu/    (translated by google)

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 05-May-2006

The castle on the hill (Point of Interest)

This defensive castle was used as a prison in more recent years.

It is a strenuous walk up the switch back road to the top and much too hot a day when I was there.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 23-Jan-2008