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This is the drawing that I gave to the welder.

I gave the welder a pencil sketch of the shape of the mizzen mast. Before he welded the mast brackets we test fitted them on the mizzen.

Once completed, the whole structure was powder coated white. In 2005, the whole thing cost me $328.60 from Suntower Marine Fabricators in Fort Lauderdale (954) 764-0751
215 SW 28th St
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315

The small hatch was intended to make the connections, but, because the thick wires were so stiff, I ended up using this hole with a piece of string to pull the stiff wires down the pipe after the connections were made outside the pipe at the top.
The string then tucks inside the hole, ready for when you need to remove the generator again for service. This worked out well, and I would recommend including this hatch.

The brackets attached to the mast with 12 x 1/4" countersunk bolts threaded into the mast, with lots of silicone sealer forming a gasket.

Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 22-Jan-2008