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Howard [ Just Imagine ] 06-Jun-2006

Naxos (Anchorage)

Good holding and good protection. Secure place to leave the boat for a tour of magnificent Taormina.

Beware the dingy dock. We misunderstood that we could dock our dinghy for 5 for the day. When we arrived back 10 hours later after dinner, they wanted 50, or 5 per hour (more than if we had docked the big boat in the marina).

We argued for a while, but they backed down when we suggested that the police could resolve our dispute. So they accepted the 5 for the day and we went on our way
Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 17-Nov-2007

Archeological site (Historic)

Right next to the anchorage there is an interesting archeological site and museum.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 06-Jan-2008

Prohibited Anchorage

Isola Bella

Isola Bella is now a nature reserve and anchoring is prohibited.

We anchored overnight in this magical bay just North of the fairytale island with a house on it.

The bottom is rocky, and we used a tripline, which somehow got cut during the night.

Our old copy of Heikell warned that some of these bays might become restricted.

In the morning, we were told to leave immediately by some very stern gaurdia on a patrol boat. I had the engine room ripped apart for maintenance, and asked if they would allow me 30 minutes to put things back together but they would only give me 10 minutes.

They also told us not to try anchoring in any other bay before Naxos.

We saw some boats anchored in the northern corner of Naxos bay below Taormina but we were not going to risk the wrath of the guardia and went directly to Naxos
Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 05-Jun-2006

Taormina (Excursion)

A magnificent, ancient city perched high above the bay.

Beautiful views, bustling tourists.

There was some sort of beauty pageant or fashion show about to begin in the old Greek theater so the streets were full of beautiful people.

Many shops and fancy restaurants.

We also took the bus up to Castelmola for even more breathtaking views.

Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 07-Jun-2006

Greek Theater (Historic)


When we arrived in Taomina, we caught a second bus up to the dizzy heights of Castelmola.

We had a lovely lunch in Cafe del Duoma which also sells their own local Turrisi almond wine by the bottle, to take with you.

The waiter was a real character. When we told him that we could not buy his wine because we would have to carry it around all day, he proceeded to carry the bottle of wine under his arm for the next half an hour, while continuing to serve all the tables, just to demonstrate to us how easy it is to carry a bottle of wine.

We were impressed, but still didn't buy the wine.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 06-Jan-2008

Cafe del Duomo (Restaurant)

Bus stop to Taormina (Bus)

The bus stop is somewhere in this area.

We walked up from the shore past some grocery store and a florist(I think) to the bus stop on the main drag.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 01-Aug-2008