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We stopped off here on our way back from the Aeolians. The marina in the north west corner wanted 40 for 12 meters, so we decided to try and anchor off the beach just outside a small boat mooring field.

Well it blew up into a full gale during the night, and we dragged both anchors through the weed, and in between the moored boats. We powered out of trouble dragging the anchors into deep water. Not easy pulling dead weight anchors up from 30 meters(one of them by hand).

It was 3 am by the time we had anchors securely stowed, so with nowhere to anchor we decided to take the sleigh ride of 35 knots downwind to the Strait of Messina.

We would have loved to explore the fortress on the top of the bluff but that will have to wait for next time.
Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 02-Jun-2006

Millazzo (Marina)

€40 for 12 meters (2006).
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 02-Mar-2009

Fortress (Point of Interest)