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Stromboli has brief eruptions about once an hour, that vary in intensity throughout the year.  During less intense periods it is possibile to hike up to the top of the vulcano with a professional guide (3 hours up and 2 hours down, very strenuous).  However, if the volcanic activity increases hiking is limited to only half way up. 

Probably the best way to watch the eruption is by boat.  However, it is not possible to anchor in a place where you can see the eruption.  The trick is to get to Stromboli during the day, and anchor offshore the town of Ficogrande.  Visit the town, have dinner, memorize the location of your boat between the other boats.  Then pull up the anchor and head over to the "Sciara del Fuoco" on the northwest facing coast of the island.  You won't be able to anchor, but turn the motor off and listen to the eruption and watch the show from your boat as you slowly drift (this can obviously only be done in calm weather).  After you have seen enough, head back to Ficogrande and lay anchor where you were previously.  Most likely you will get the same good spot.

Il Miglio Blue [ Il Miglio Blue ] 22-Feb-2010

After years of puffing and steaming, Stromboli has erupted with a full stream of lava.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 06-Mar-2007
This island is one of the highlights of our summer cruise.
Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 27-May-2006

Volcano by night (Excursion)

A professional guide is required to hike to the top.  You will also need hiking shoes, a flashlight, sweater, picnic snack, and 1 lt of water. 

Il Miglio Blue [ Il Miglio Blue ] 22-Feb-2010
After working out where we would anchor overnight, we motored around the North coast toward the volcano field where we drifted around with a few tour boats til late into the night. The volcano erupts every few minutes with a spume of red flame. You can hear the rocks tumbling down the mountain and sizzling into the sea.

We then motored back to the east side to anchor.

The next morning after exploring the town and the little island of Strombolicchio we came back this way and could see rocks tumbling down the ash field and plunging into the sea with a big splash and sizzle of steam.

There are organized hikes up to the rim of the crater at night to watch the spectacle. I have been told it is worth the hike.
Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 27-May-2006

Stromboli (Anchorage)

Stromboli has one primary anchorage at Ficogrande, offshore the white Aeolian houses and black sand beaches.  When anchoring care needs to be taken to avoid the shoals at the point and to leave space for the water tanker that ties up near the small pier of ficogrande (if the water taker comes in and you are in its spot you will need to move). 

Buoys are available near Scari.  However, it is not possible to anchor offshore Scari becasue of an Italian ordinance that forbids anchoring or fishing in this area. 

Il Miglio Blue [ Il Miglio Blue ] 22-Feb-2010
We anchored overnight off the point in the only shallow water.

On the C-Map chart it shows a prohibited anchoring and fishing area just south of here.
Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 27-May-2006
I am planning a bareboat trip to the Aeolian Islands off Sicily in June. I would like to communicate with people who have done it. Email ltkrupke@yahoo.com

lowrykram [ knot4nuthin ] 27-May-2006

A walk around the town (Excursion)

In the morning we dinghied ashore and had wonderful walk around the little town followed by a nice lunch in one of the touristy restaurants up the hill.
Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 28-May-2006

Strombolicchio (Excursion)

Unfortunately, it is not possibile to anchor a yacht near Strombolicchio.  If you want to hike to the top or enjoy the swimming best bet is to head over with the tender (only recommended if you have a very reliable tender and outboard motor).
Il Miglio Blue [ Il Miglio Blue ] 22-Feb-2010
A fascinating rock outcrop off the North East point.

We could not resist motoring around the rock before heading of to the West.

I believe one can climb up the steps to the lighthouse on top.

Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 28-May-2006