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Lipari has the largest city center of the archipelago and one of the most secure ports at Pignataro.  The island also has numerous mechanics and is the right place to go if you are having problems or if bad weather is forecast.  The city has a large supermarket (a bit of a walk from the anchorage) and numerous stores, bars, discos, souvenier shops, etc. 

The main anchorage is just offshore the city center at either Marina Corta or Marina Lunga.  Marina Lunga has a large and secure port called Pignataro, and in the summer numerous floating wharfs are reconstructed that offer water and electricity, yet are very exposed to back wash. 

Other great anchorages are at the southern end of the island at Vinci with a great view of Vulcano, on the western coast of the island at Vallemura offshore a beach of pebbles, on the northeastern coast offshore of Porticello in crystal clear turquoise waters, or offshore of the small tourist town of Canneto.

Il Miglio Blue [ Il Miglio Blue ] 22-Feb-2010
This is a wonderful island with much to see.

We rented an island tour which was very worthwhile.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 25-May-2006

Island Tour (Excursion)

We negotiated a tour of the island at one of the road side stalls in the port.

The driver/guide was great, and took us around the perimeter of the island stopping at the obsidian and pumice mines for which the island is famous.

We could actually see Stromboli erupting and were amazed to see Mount Etna on the main island clearly in the afternoon sun.

The tour guide advised us correctly that visibility is best late in the day before sunset.
Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 27-May-2006

Pumice Mines (Point of Interest)

Obsidian is a glass like, black volcanic stone that was sort after in ancient days as it could be sharpened and used for cutting. Lipari was a major source of obsidian in ancient times, though it is found in other volcanic regions of the world.

The edge can be sharpened to molecular levels and is even used in modern times for cutting edges.

Obsidian is formed when a certain type of lava cools rapidly and freezes without sufficient time for crystal growth.

It is also very decorative and shiny like black glass.

Our guide wandered a few meters off the road and came back with some small pieces of obsidian.

Pumice is a white porous volcanic rock that is very light and actually floats. It is used as an abrasive exfoliant in beauty treatments to remove excess skin.

Pumice is still mined here today.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 23-Feb-2008

The Citadel (Excursion)

A fascinating museum, built over the excavations from which most of the artifacts were recovered. You can see centuries of excavations in layers outside the museum.
Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 27-May-2006

Archaeological Museum (Museum)

Steps (Point of Interest)

Lipari (Marina)

Keep in mind that the high season here in Sicily is in August. The mid season in July, and everything else is considered low season.  Plan accordingly, because prices vary drastically between the seasons. 

The Marina Lunga is open to a lot of backwash.  In rough weather head to the protected marina located at the north of this bay called Porto Pignataro.

Il Miglio Blue [ Il Miglio Blue ] 22-Feb-2010
We asked for a "sconto" or discount for low season and got the marina price down from 35 to 30 for 12 m.

Friends had complained of a huge surge in here the week before, but we had no problems.

Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 06-Mar-2007

Porto Pignataro (Marina)

Spiaggia di Vinci (Anchorage)

anchor in 12 m
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 22-Feb-2010