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In early June 2012 we received a very nasty threat from one of the members of the Lorymar restaurant. We had achored amongst four other yachts away from the quay and no moorings.
A skiff came alongside and the single occupant got very angry when we said we would not be using his restaurant. He told us he paid his taxes for the bay and that he had juridiction over it and we were to leave. He also threatened us saying "I make big trouble for you my friend, like you have not seen before" We stayed silent at that, knowing further discourse would only inflame the situation. He then left, but came back a couple of hours later saying "Do you remember what I said?"  We just stayed silent and after a while he went away. We decided that his behaviour was too intimidating and up anchored and spent the night at the Ali Baba restaurant where we were informed that our Lorymar experience was not uncommon, also that excessive charging was taking place on those not negotiating their meal first. Even the close competition between the two restaurants did not dissuade us from believing them.
We reported the incident to the harbour master at Bozborun who had heard of similar complaints, we asked about informing the police but were put off with language difficulties and the time overrun of our stay we would have encountered with bureaucratic procedures.
Fellow sailors be careful?

Barry & Louise [ Missea ] 06-Apr-2012
Buku Buku what a lovely bay we spent a couple of days here just lazzing about.
If you like to visit old historic sites you can walk upto the old citadel takes about 20mins from the bottom.
There are a couple of restaurants in the bay which offer food  and moorings we have tried both the Ali baba restaurant  and the Lorymar Restaurant they do not have any standard electricity supply  just generators, the food is kept in plastic tubs which are surrounded with flies the shower facilities are poor, there is no water or electricity available on jetties.
If you decide to eat at one of these restaurants I would advise that you ask what the meals are going to cost as the appear to make the prices up as they go along as an example a bottle of Effes was 6 lira at the Lorymar restaurant.  So if you do eat here be prepared for a big bill.
Having said this  Its much better to anchor off and feed yourselves.
None [ Stargazer ] 24-Jul-2009
I picked up a mooring off the Lorymar restaurant at the head of the bay and went ashore for a fine meal.

They would have prefered me to use one of their tailed moorings to the dock, but I prefered to swing on the mooring ball.

An interesting bay with some ancient fortifications that need to be explored.

This is a popular bay with several restaurants, all with free moorings and docks.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 24-Oct-2006

Lorymar (Restaurant)