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Howard [ Just Imagine ] 17-Sep-2006

Aegina Town dock (Town Dock)

Anchored with a stern anchor, bow to the town dock.

A bussling waterfront with many restaurants.

A photographer took a beautiful photograph of the boat approaching the dock which she presented to us a few hours later for a very reasonable fee.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 17-Sep-2006

Port Authority (Formalities)

Fruit and Veg boats (Market)

Two boats docked on the town quay selling good quality vegetables and fruits.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 23-May-2007

Supermarket (Supermarket)

A well stocked supermarket
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 23-Feb-2008

Agia Marina Beach (Beach)

David and I caught a bus over here and had a nice lunch at a beach bar.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 18-Sep-2006

Ormos Mourioti (Anchorage)

Anchor 5m sand and grass.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 24-Sep-2008

Ormos Klima (Anchorage)

Anchor 7m sand and grass
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 24-Sep-2008

Perdika (Town Dock)

Anchor stern or bows to either side of the center mole. The water tanker docks at the end of the center mole.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 07-Apr-2009

Nisos Moni (Anchorage)

Fair weather anchorage in 8-10m.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 07-Apr-2009