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Howard [ Just Imagine ] 20-Aug-2010

Navplion (Town Dock)

The town dock can be a bit smelly, but the town itself is charming, with is narrow streets and alleyways, and an amazing backdrop of Venetian forts above.

We spent a few days here and caught the bus up to the ancient site of Mycenae (MIKENIS) .

Most boats dock stern or bows to, but we were not confident to leave the boat unattended, bows too, so the night before our Mikenis trip, we went alongside, in the corner. The harbour police stopped by and asked us to change the position of the boat, but allowed us to stay alongside when we explained that we were planning a day trip to Mikenis. There were a couple of other boats along side as well and a few were rafted up.
Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 08-Dec-2012

Koilada (Anchorage)


This is a well protected anchorage, with plenty of room and shallow (<3m) water with good holding in mud or sand. Many yachts winter afloat here, on moorings.

There is an excellent winter storage yard here called Basimakopouloi Shipyard.

Just Imagine wintered here in 2010.

Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 16-Sep-2010


Howard [ Just Imagine ] 08-Jan-2009


Howard [ Just Imagine ] 17-Sep-2006

Porto Heli (Anchorage)

Porto Kheli

This is a huge, spacious anchorage with many boats at anchor, but still plenty of room for more. Boats stay on anchor or moorings here, year round.

The town is a bit dusty and a bit run down, apparently a huge improvement since they have planted a few palm trees. Many tavernas line the waterfront.

 Port Heli is th site of the ancient city of Halieis 

 There is an acropolis and due to the rise in sea level, there are many underwater ruins that can be viewed from the surface.


Howard [ Just Imagine ] 23-Apr-2009


Ermioni (Anchorage)

We anchored here for a few days in the NE of the bay in about 3 meters with good holding. The anchorage would empty out mid morning, and fill up again in the evening, perhaps as a preferable overnight anchorage to Hydra.

A very pleasant little town with good provisioning from several small supermarkets, and several good butchers. We dingied in to the central dock , several times for provisions and a good dinner in one of the tavernas.

Very convenient 2 hour hydrafoil to Piraeus 3 times a day, for picking up or discharging crew.

There is a Vodafone store where we replenished our 10 day internet card for €19.

The archaeological site on the point, looked interesting from a distance, but it was too hot for us to walk out there during the day.

We followed signs up the hill toward the museum, but it looked like it had been closed for a while.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 19-Aug-2010
 Anchor near this ancient mole or go stern-to or bows-to behind the outer mole. Go to the south side of the headland for more peace and quiet and wonderful vistas across the Hydra Gulf.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 20-Apr-2009


I just overnighted in Russian Bay and moved on to Hydra. Would be nice to spend some time here.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 20-Sep-2006

Palaia Epidavros (Anchorage)

 Anchor  away from the pretty village or go stern-to or bows-to the quay.

There is a major archaeological site, approximately 10 miles to the east (20 min. by taxi) with its 140000 seat theatre (4th c. BCE) with amazing acoustics, set in the forest. 

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 20-Apr-2009



Tolo (Anchorage)

Anchored in 11m. Good holding and protected from the south. Pleasant pine covered surroundings.
Nice wall ashore on the island. Dingy to town for lunch.

We noticed that some good Samaritan had collected a pile of garbage on the beach, but that there was more garbage scattered about, so we took a huge garbage bag ashore and cleaned it all up, and took it, and the other collected garbage to a dumpster in the town.

A small charter boat flying a huge Che Guevara flag came screaming into the anchorage at 6 knots and dropped their stern anchor right next to us with a long line ashore, and then roared off to town in the dinghy. We had 30 meters out, so when the wind shifted in the early morning, our stern came very close to the other boat. The young occupents seemed totally unphased when they woke to find us 2 meters from their transom, but I think I was the only one to lose any sleep over it.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 28-Aug-2010

Karathona (Anchorage)

We anchored in 8m in the protection of the bay behind the breakwater. A big festival was in progress on the shore. Lively holiday area.

This was where we discovered that we had diesel in our oil, so we sailed out of here very early in the morning at about 4 am, when the wind went northerly, so that we could sail back to Kilada for repairs, before the southerly wind got up.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 29-Aug-2010

Metoxi (Anchorage)

We spent a few days here, waiting out a meltemi. Popular beach on the shore and nice taverna. Magnificent mansions line the coast.

We dinghied ashore and walked toward the east to the mini-market at hapemag resort.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 23-Aug-2010

Methana (Town Dock)

 Go bow or stern to opposite the fishing boats.

Pungent sulpur gases may corode your anchor chain, but also provide good antifouling.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 20-Apr-2009

Angistri (Town Dock)

 Anchor stern or bows to the western wall.

Albanians settled here in the 16th century.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 20-Apr-2009

Astrous (Anchorage)

Anchor in the harbour, or go stern or bows to the south east  mole.


Visit the monatery of Moni Loukous, 4 Km away.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 22-Sep-2010

Vivari (Anchorage)


Howard [ Just Imagine ] 28-Aug-2010

Kapari (Anchorage)

We anchored here for a couple of nights to do some, much needed brightwork. Very secure anchorage with excellent mud holding in 2 or 3 meters. 

The water was warm 28C and clear most of the time but a little murky on  the last day.

There were a 4 other boats, obviously left unattended while there owners traveled elsewhere. This attests to the security of the anchorage from the prevailing summer winds. By the condition of the flags, one boat looked like it had been there safely for a few years.

I took a 10 minute dinghy run to the Mandraki side of Ermioni and walked over the hill to the supermarket to replenish our beer supply.

This is a great place to veg out, swim and potter around the boat in secure and pretty surroundings. It was quite a bit breezier here that in Ermioni. A few other boats ventured in, but did not stay long, so we had the whole place to ourselves.  Just farmland, and a few houses, occasional locals swimming off the shore, and a ski boat came out to use the floating platform on one occasion.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 17-Aug-2010


Howard [ Just Imagine ] 08-Jan-2009

Korfos (Town Dock)

This lovely little town was our first stop after Corinth canal.

We docked free in front of a restaurant that served a fine meal at a table right in front of the boat.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 16-Sep-2006

Dokos (Anchorage)