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We caught the bus from Sami to Argostoli to do some shopping.

Argostoli is the main town on the island and has many shops and restaurants.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 25-Jul-2006

Argostoli Town Dock (Town Dock)

Stern/bow to south of ferry dock.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 18-Mar-2009

Drapano Marina (Marina)

Unfinished marina, but a bit far from town.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 18-Mar-2009

Kafeneion Cafe Bar (Bar)

Located on the waterfront in the NE corner where the boats dock, nect to the car rental shop,  Kafeneion provides 
Large draft beer for €2
Large Myhos bottled beer €2.50
Free Internet
Hot showers
Laundry service €12.50
Information in English
Cooked English Breakfast, although Kelly only calls it a Cooked Breakfast, as all the ingredients are from Greece.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 26-Jul-2010

Argostoli Laundry (Laundry)

Kafeneion on the waterfront takes in laundry

 I walked all over town looking for a self service laundry, without success. Up the hill toward Lassi I found one, but it had been closed for 2 years. The lady in the mini market told me that there was one near the hospital, but it sounded quite a long way to walk. There is a drycleaner, next to the theatre, but looking through the window on Sunday, it did not appear to do laundry, only dry cleaning.

I finally stopped at Kafeneion on the waterfront for a beer and asked Kelly. She said there was a laundry place that charged €12 per load, but that she took in laundry at €12.50 per load.

I lugged my heavy sailbag full of laundry across the road and she estimated 4 loads at €50. We had all our sheets and towels to do after a month of guests onboard. 

The laundry was ready the next day, and nicely folded. Kelly said that it should have been 5 loads, but she charged me the agreed upon €50. More than we could afford, but worth the money.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 26-Jul-2010