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Call the canal authorities on VHF 16 when approaching from the west. You will pay when you exit on the east side,

Coming from the East, dock at the Canal authority dock and do the paperwork before entering the canal.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 16-Sep-2006

Canal Entrance (Entrance)

Canal Authority (Formalities)

You dock your boat on the eastern end of the canal and visit the Canal Authority office in the round building.

If you have been through before it helps to bring your old paperwork.

I think it cost about €106 for 10 meters in 2006.

Cruising boats fall into category ST
<6m €50
6-9m €80
9.01-15m €80+(LOA-9)*20.00
15.01-25 €80+(LOA-9)*20.00
>25.01 €80+(LOA-9)*20.00

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 31-Dec-1969