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A pretty little town with nice restaurants.

This is a good place to leave the boat for a visit to Delphi.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 14-Sep-2006
Water,electricity and diesel supply.

Information of all kind, in english, italian, german and french.

Bus, taxi or rent a car to Delphi. Washing machine arrangements.

Restaurant and excursion tips. Angelo tel (0030) 6932777600) at any time.

Map of Galaxidi town upon arrival.
angelo [ galaxidi ] 31-Dec-1969
Galaxidi is a charming little town with flair and sailing tradition. It invite you to visit the maritime museum, the small lanes between the old captain houses, for a walk along the seaside promenade.

In the 19th century Galaxidi was the base for more than 500 sailing cargoships.

You will find what you need for your trip. Parts for the boat by Costa, Diesel by Andreas or a good dinner by Dino in the Skeletovrachos Restaurant. Dino can give informations in several languages. His tel. is 2265041303 or mobile 6987877263.

At this time on the town dock water an elecricity is free. Diesel comes with the truck to the dock.

Enjoy your time in Galaxidi.

Richard, Evelin + La Luna [ MS RUSH ] 31-Dec-1969