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We waited for the Meltemi to die down at the end of August before heading East through Corinth toward Turkey.

We thought we might be running a bit late in the season, but this worked out well. Without the Meltemi, and without the throngs of tourists, September is lovely time in the Aegean.

In 2006, we found that the weather in Turkey was great for cruising, right into November, so there really is no need to rush through the Aegean.

Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 26-Aug-2010


Trizonia is a pretty little settlement on an island very close to the mainland.

They have built a fine marina, but it has never been completed, so it is totaly free.

There are nice restaurants on the land side of the town as well.

Some boats anchor outside the marina in the bay.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 13-Sep-2006

Corinth Canal (Waterway)

Call the canal authorities on VHF 16 when approaching from the west. You will pay when you exit on the east side,

Coming from the East, dock at the Canal authority dock and do the paperwork before entering the canal.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 16-Sep-2006

Patras (Marina)

We came in here with a siezed gearbox, with my brother pushing the boat alongside with the dinghy.

The center of town is quite a walk from marina but around the central square it is a nice bustling touristy area.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 12-Sep-2006

Galaxidi (Town Dock)

A pretty little town with nice restaurants.

This is a good place to leave the boat for a visit to Delphi.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 14-Sep-2006
Water,electricity and diesel supply.

Information of all kind, in english, italian, german and french.

Bus, taxi or rent a car to Delphi. Washing machine arrangements.

Restaurant and excursion tips. Angelo tel (0030) 6932777600) at any time.

Map of Galaxidi town upon arrival.
angelo [ galaxidi ] 31-Dec-1969
Galaxidi is a charming little town with flair and sailing tradition. It invite you to visit the maritime museum, the small lanes between the old captain houses, for a walk along the seaside promenade.

In the 19th century Galaxidi was the base for more than 500 sailing cargoships.

You will find what you need for your trip. Parts for the boat by Costa, Diesel by Andreas or a good dinner by Dino in the Skeletovrachos Restaurant. Dino can give informations in several languages. His tel. is 2265041303 or mobile 6987877263.

At this time on the town dock water an elecricity is free. Diesel comes with the truck to the dock.

Enjoy your time in Galaxidi.

Richard, Evelin + La Luna [ MS RUSH ] 31-Dec-1969

Itea (Marina)

Good place to leave the boat for a visit to Delphi.

+30 265 32 224, VHF  12
Office, Water, Showers and toilets
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 11-Apr-2009

Navpaktos (Anchorage)

This looks like a fair weather anchorage only.

See photo at http://www.seacrest.nl/
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 19-Jan-2009

Ormos Anemokambi (Anchorage)

Anchor in 5 m off the beach. Hotel ashore.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 14-Sep-2006

Delphi (Historic)

Apollo's oracles gave council here. People would travel from far and wide to consult the oracles before entering into battle or any other major commitment.

The oracles were normally women, who spoke in trance like riddles that were interpreted by the priests.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 31-Dec-2007
Normally cruisers sail in to Itea and take the bus up to Delphi. There is a marina in Itea and no problem to leave the boat. We went there by car from Levkas Marina so that we might visit other places, as the Monastery of Osios Loukas, and revisit Arta and its bridge, that we missed on our trip to Matera last year. The road up from the Corinth fiord is steep, as the Ancient Delphi is up in the mountain side. Before arriving at the Ancient Delphi you reach today's Delphi town, depending entirely on the many tourists coming here. When the ancient Delphi was rediscovered in 1892, part of it lay under a much newer buildings. The government with support from other European nations built a new village for the residents in order to get access.

According to legend, Zeus released 2 eagles, from opposite ends of the world, their paths crossed in the sky above Delphi, which was then declared the centre of the world. Renowned as a dwelling place for the god Apollo, people from all over the "known" world, from the 8th century BC, came to consult the god before taking serious actions as wage war etc. 

 The god's answers were spoken by Pytia, a priestess, sitting on a tripod in a cave, talking in trance (recently scientist have confirmed gases coming out of the rock in the cave, that will make you short of oxygen and thus creating a kind of trance).
Her answers were then interpreted by a priest. However, the answers tended to be in favour of the strongest power, although mostly the answers could be interpreted several ways. As when King Croesus was told that crossing a certain river he would destroy a great kingdom, that turned out to be his own. There was a fee for those that wanted an advice of Apollo. Thus Delphi became a powerful body. So powerful that the Sacred way, leading up to the impressive temple of Apollo, at that time was lined with more than 3.000 statutes and treasuries.
Above the immense theatre, seating 5.000, lies the stadium. After the Olympic games, also held every 4 years, the Pytian games was the most important sporting events. It was not only athletic competitions, as it included musical and poetry performances. The Roman emperor Nero came her to compete with his singing and playing a lyre. (Nobody dared not to give him a top price.)
As the ancient Delphi was destroyed by earthquakes and covered by stones falling from the mountain side above, later built upon, little pilferage had taken place. In the museum you may today study an impressive collection of statues and architectural remains, like the famous bronze charioteer.

Reprinted from home.online.no/~pernoll/, with permission of Signe and Gaute on s/y Pernoll
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 31-Dec-2007

Patras bridge (Bridge)

Rion – Antirion Bridge
This amazing bridge is  the longest multispan cable stayed bridge in the world with 3 spans of 560 meters and a total length of  2252 meters. Its foundations have a 90 meter diameter and 65 meter depth making them the world’s largest bridge foundations.

Although according to the builders, the best record of this great Bridge, is that it was built “without any serious accident, without a single drop of blood”.

For more information and for some great views, take a look at:

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 13-Sep-2006

Corinth (Town Dock)

The little marina was very crowded, so I ended up on the town wall.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 15-Sep-2006

Messalonghi (Town Dock)

This area is best known for the fact that Byron died here.

There is a long canal lined with fishing houses on stilts, from the gulf up to the harbour. Somewhat reminiscent of the Mississippi delta.

The bussling town which is loaded with young people (perhaps students) is a 20 minute walk inland from the harbour.

A well protected harbour and I don't think we had to pay anything. We did visit the Port Authority in the harbour on our first visit.

There is a new marina development not shown on the satellite image, but I docked on the harbour wall in the NW corner.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 08-Sep-2006

Kiato (Town Dock)

Yacht Management Alkyon Sailing   Address 20200 KATO
Tel +30 6972838030   Fax ......
Longitude 22° 44" 55'   Latitude 38° 0" 39'
Capacity 250 Vessels   Vessel Wintering On Shore YES (25 Vessels)(on a private basis)
VHF Channel 12 Port Authorities   Repairs YES(on a private basis)
Fuel YES   Cranes Hosting YES ((on a private basis)
Electric Power No   Refloating Launching YES (on a private basis)
Water YES   Ramp YES
Telephone NO   Food – Drink Supplies 30 m
Garbage Collection YES   Customs YES (300 m)
Launderette NO (300 m, distance)   Port Authorities YES (50 m)
W.C. YES   Medical Center 500 m
Parking YES   Pharmacy 200 m
Storehouse NO   From the International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos 140 km

Panos [ Alkyon Sailing ] 19-Nov-2012

Ancient Helike (Historic)