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This magnificent rock is known as Penon de Ifach.

Here we experienced a strange phenomenon.

We were sitting in the cockpit at sunset, when we heard strange pinging sound coming from the dock lines on the boat next door. It took us a while to realize that the tide had just risen by about 2 meters in a matter of minutes.

A little while later, we noticed that the three large fishing vessels that were rafted up at the Harbour entrance were moving, together, unattended, out of the harbor.

What had happened was that the tidal rise had snapped the dock lines of the fishing boat tied to the pier, and as the tidal effect went rushing out again, the three boats went with it.

I called pan-pan on the radio and marina staff came running. A rowing team in a skiff put a line on the flotilla and valiantly tried to row the three huge vessels back to the dock. Eventually they took the line to the shore and they were able to get the boats back to the dock.

This was shortly after the tsunami in Thailand, so we felt a little uneasy about this strange occurrence and decided that it was safest if we headed for a bar on higher ground.
Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 17-Aug-2005

Climbing Calpe (Hike)

An amazing but strenuous hike up the rock, through tunnels and along rock faces with ropes to steady you.

Fabulous vistas at the top.
Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 25-Jul-2005