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Alicante was a brief stopping point on our travels as I needed to go and do a quick job in Barcelona.

Jayne stayed in the marina and explored the city with my brother while I was gone.

A facinating town with lots of history, shops and restaurants. An impressive fortress on the cliffs above.
Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 11-Aug-2005

Elevator to the fortress (Excursion)

You can take an elevator  from the beach front up to the fortress above.

You enter a tunnel at the overhead walkway, that takes you through a tunel to the bottom of the elevator.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 25-Oct-2008

Moors and Christians Festival (Excursion)

We were lucky enough to be here during the Moors and Christian festival that takes place in various parts of the city.

We caught a city bus up to Altozano and sat on the curbside to watch this major event, when the whole town turns out in period costume of Moors and Christians and march up the street in an 2 hour long procession with bands, drums, horses and floats.

It is meant to be quite a jovial event commemorating Spain's release from Moorish rule, but we were amazed at how serious all the participants looked as they marched by.

The festival goes on for days in various parts of the city ending in a tumultuous mock battle and a big party.

We had some trouble catching the last bus back to Alicante at the end of the parade, but it was a very worthwhile experience.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 25-Oct-2008