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Lake Melissani(underground)

A wonderful underground lake where they have found votives to the god Pan.

You go down a tunnel, and then get into a row boat that takes you around the underground lake.

Part of the cavern is open to the sky.

On an island in the lake, earthen figurines of Pan, and plaques depicting an embossed female figure and a procession of nymphs were found. These are exhibited at the archaeological museum of Cephalonia.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 25-Jul-2006

Sami Harbour (Town Dock)

When we were safely anchored in Sami, a bareboat flotilla arrived and began to practise their anchoring and docking procedures for the first time.

These people had obviously never been on a boat before, and it was both a scary and comical experience as we often appeared to be the target that they were aiming for.

They would drop anchor about 100m away and come hurtling back in reverse at full speed and at the last moment they would lose it and go shooting off to the side.

I take my hat off to the flotilla leaders who must be the most patient instructors in the world.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 25-Jul-2006

Port Authority (Formalities)

Watermill Lake (Point of Interest)

This is a lovely setting that we found walking back from Melissani lake.

Though it sounds hard to believe, the lake is salt water that enters on the south of Cefalonia at Argostoli and constantly flows out here. Tests have proven that sea water disappears underground at Argostoli and travels under the island, re-emerging some fourteen days later in Sami, having passed through Melissani lake.

In the 1800s this phenomena was harnessed to drive water mills.

There is a watermill in the cut that runs continuously.

The nice looking restaurant was not open the day we were there.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 25-Jul-2006