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Columbus Day Party

This well protected anchorage is home to the Columbus Day Regatta festivities, where just about anything that floats comes out from Miami for a long weekend of party, party, party.

Lots of nudity, water balloons and canons, and many patrols of fun police trying to keep the whole thing safe.

Boats of all sizes raft up and anchor over acres of water and party throughout the weekend. At night the anchor lights look like a city.

This event takes place the weekend of Columbus Day which is on the Monday near October 8th.

It is actually the end of the Columbus Day sailing regatta that runs from the top of Biscayne Bay to this anchorage on the Saturday morning.

Many of the revellers are oblivious to the regatta event while some appear to be oblivious to all that is around them.

Check out Coccozella.com for more detailed pictures.
Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 19-Dec-2007