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Mallory Square Sunset Festival (Point of Interest)

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 22-Dec-2009

Dominique the Cat Man (Point of Interest)

Dominique has moved his act to the south side of Mallory Square in front of the Westin hotel.

His act is still a riot of zany performances of the cat tamer and devoted performances of his, obviously adoring, cats that jump through hoops (some on fire) on the command of their master.

Sadly Piggy, a very talented performer,  went to "rejoin the universe" about six months ago, but Oscar and others let the show go on.

A trip to Key West is not complete without seeing the Cat Man on Mallory Square.


Howard [ Just Imagine ] 22-Dec-2009

Will Soto, the tightrope juggler of Key West (Point of Interest)

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 22-Dec-2009

The Banyan Resort

An elegant, upscale guesthouse with two pools in a wonderful garden setting
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 22-Dec-2009

Eden House (Hotel)

A fabulous old guest house, beautifully restored and a great place to stay.

Our room on the second floor shared a bathroom with my mother-in-law which worked out just fine. Everything is spotlessly clean, and there is an abundance of hot water, even if it takes a minute to get hot.

The hot tub is clean,  toasty,  popular and fun, even on a cold winter night, and pool is heated to a comfortable temperature when you need a break from the tub. We did not know about the live hottub cam so I hope we were well behaved.  

There are a range of room choices to suit your needs, in the main building and the conch houses that border the pool area. My brother-in-law paid extra for a deluxe room with a TV.

One of the best features is the cold, $1 beers available at the front desk almost 24 hours a day. Victoria, at the front desk really makes one feel at home,


Book Online Here or call +1 800 533 5397
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 22-Dec-2009

Azur Restaurant (Restaurant)

I believe that Azur is part of Eden House which offers a 20% discount of breakfast. The breakfast is very good.

On Sunday they have a brunch which opens at 10am.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 22-Dec-2009

Eden House Parking Area (Parking)

Plenty of parking at the Eden House parking area, though it might become scarce at busier times.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 22-Dec-2009

Eden House Pool (Pool)

Hemingway House (Point of Interest)

Hemingway studio (Point of Interest)

This is where he wrote many of his famous books.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 23-Dec-2009

Blue Heaven (Restaurant)

This is a wonderful, funky, jamaica style garden restaurant serving excellent food in an interesting setting with chickens and roosters running around between the tables.

Worth a visit.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 22-Dec-2009

Finnegan's Wake (Restaurant)

A nice cosy bar with good food
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 23-Dec-2009

Duval Street

Capt. Tony's Original Sloppy Joes (Bar)

Sloppy Joes (Bar)