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Marinas and Boatyards (Marina)

Billed as the Venice of America due to the numerous canals throughout the city and surrounding residential areas.

Thousands of boats docked on the canals behind homes ranging from multi-million dollar estates to modest 2 bedroom homes.

It has also been called the Yachting Capital of the World, due to the shear number of registered vessels in the area, and though it has it's share of mega-yachts visiting in the winter, it is rather a bold claim when compared to the yachting resorts of the Mediterranean.


Howard [ Just Imagine ] 03-Dec-2007

Middle River Anchorage (Anchorage)

Anchor in 6 meters. Good holding in mud

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 02-Jan-2011

Bruno's Zoo (Town Dock)

Bruno's Zoo is a residential dock in one of the two canals where it is permissible to rent and liveaboard. Living aboard is strictly prohibitted in Fort Lauderdale area except in marinas, and these two canals. These are Isle of Venice, and Hendricks Isle. Bruno's Zoo is situated on the east side of Hendricks Isle near the northern tip of the island, and a popular stopping place for cruisers.

It is an easy walk to the old historic downtown area of Fort Lauderdale, Los Olas boulevard, and not far from the beach.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 15-May-2010

Bonnet House

The  Bonnet House Museum and Gardens was built in in 1921 by Chicago artist Frederic Bartlett on 35 acres.

Bring the past to life as you wander through the art collections and furnishings of the m ain house.

For opening hours and entry fees call +1 954 563 5393 or visit www.bonnethouse.org

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 05-Dec-2008

Franks Vleis (Food)

Franks Vleis in Fort lauderdale, Florida

Frank makes the best boerewors this side of the Karoo.

Boerewors is a special, delicious sausage, unique to South Africa, made of beef and pork with a predominant coriander flavor.

Franks Vleis also provides South African Biltong (jerky) and Droerwors(dried sausage). He also has delicious frozen meat pies including steak and kidney, pepper steak, curry and others.

His small kitchen is situated behind a workshop south of State Road 84 opposite Bradford marine.

You need to call Frank at +1 954 612 1753 to set up an appointment as he is not always at the store. He is usually there in the mornings.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 26-Mar-2008

Las Olas Moorings (Mooring)

Dinghy landing at foot of bridge. Several sailboats moored here. Maintained by the Ft. Lauderdale City Marina, $15/night, maximum stay 30 days. Hail Dockmaster on channel 16.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 11-Feb-2008

Port Everglades (Entrance)

New River (Waterway)

The New River is lined by spectacular, multi million dollar houses and estates.

It runs right through the heart of down town Fort Lauderdale.

Bridge Schedule

There are several low clearance bridges that open on demand, except during rush hour traffic from 0730 to 0900 in the morning and 1630 to 1800 in the afternoon.

They monitor VHF channel 9 and will also respond to a horn if you don't have a VHF.

If your schedule permits, it is best to navigate the river at slack water (high or low tide), or at least have the current against you for best control, if you need to wait a while for bridges to open.

It can be quite scary with a strong downstream current and no room to maneuver or turn around, especially if your boat has limited maneuverability in reverse.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 01-Feb-2008

Fort Lauderdale Beach (Beach)

Miles of beautiful white powder sand, lined by hotels, restaurants, bars and nightlife.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 08-Feb-2008

Sailorman (Chandlery)

A great, used and new chandler where you can source that unusual fitting that can't be found elsewhere.

It is fun to poke around in the used equipment in the back room, even if you don't have a particular item in mind.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 02-Feb-2009

Lake Sylvia (Anchorage)

This is one of the few, free places that you can anchor your boat in the area.

There might be a restriction on how long you can stay (used to be 3 days) but I think I read that the legality of this restriction is being contested in court.

See the thread about this on www.cruisersforum.com

Hug the eastern shore as you enter the cut (see green pointer) until you reach the entrance to the lake. Then cross over to the west to avoid the 4ft shoal in the NE corner of the lake. The rest of the lake is about 10 ft deep and good holding.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 02-Feb-2008

Fort Lauderdale Airport FLL (Transport)

11 passenger van or Towncar Serviceing Fort Lauderdale Airport ans all South Florida. Call for Rates 954 732 5466.
Frankslimo [ anywhere-anytime ] 26-Feb-2009

Las Olas Boulevard (Excursion)

This is the old main street of Fort Lauderdale and it has great restaurants and trendy shops.

It is fun to walk along here, window shopping and people watching.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 04-Feb-2008

Boat Owners Warehouse (Chandlery)

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 19-Dec-2010

West Marine (Chandlery)

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 19-Dec-2010