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Porti di Roma (Marina)


Rome Yachtie Yellow Pages from Captainwiki.com
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 12-Apr-2009

Rome (Excursion)

I spent the day in Rome on my way home from Sibari.

I bought a tour bus ticket and toured the whole city in an afternoon.

There are several open top, double decker, hop-on-hop-off bus tours available and they all do much the same thing. Ask for a recommendation and directions at the hotel, or google it here.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 06-Dec-2007

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 06-Dec-2007

Reggio di Calabria

Reggio di Calabria

A dusty city that grows on you after a while. The waterfront south of the port is picturesque and there was a fair or festival going on on the day we were there.
Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 31-Dec-1969

Cala De Medici, Rosignano (Marina)

Badger wrote in their newsletter"
...very very nice marina...not expensive either..."

Catch train to Florence. Stay at Royal Hotel.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 27-May-2010

Chiaiolella, Procida (Town Dock)

Barb and Art of Badger wrote in their newsletter:
"We left amalfi in the rain with large seas - we expected these to moderate but they did not. Crossed from Capri to Porcida and managed to get into a small,ceap, wel protected harbor, Chiaiolella on Procida. The seas crossing the bay of naples - really swells wereabout 10-12 feet bu the wind was light - it never got higher than 18 knots. Badger was in its element. We paid for our stay this morning - it was 35 EU. We are now heading for Gaeta about 32 miles away../crossing anothe bay. Rain clouds on the horizon but the weather forecast is for fine weather. Seas are slight. The main island town is beautiful.

Kip sent us a website for finding good pizza here in italy - but the only pizza shop we found in chiaiolella was closed."

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 09-May-2010

Amalfi (Town Dock)

Barb and Art of Badger wrote in their news letter:
"We are docked in the harbor at Almafi because the cost per night at Capri is 110 EU per night. Today we went to the duomo and visited St. Andrew's tomb. The architecture is fabulous as are the old frescos. The statue of St. Andrew was done in bronze by one of Michelangelo's students.

We later toured the paper museum - the people of almafi learned how to make paper from the arabs who learned from the chinese. They showed us how they used water power to make high grade paper from cloth and old rags.

We then took the bus to Revello - you get to see the almafi coast - it is like looking down on the ocean along a beautiful coast from a mountain top...like the rockies with the ocean below. We liked the special garden at Revelo...where they have concerts - esp those by Wagner.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 09-May-2010



Santa Marinella (Marina)

Arthur and Barb on Badger wrote in their newsletter
"Cute little marina - very nice lady from Africa checked us in. The town is nice and the Elite grocery store is within 5 minutes walking. "
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 18-May-2010

Netunno (Town Dock)


Barbara on Badger wrote in her news letter:
"We are tied up against a wall at Nettunia; cost 25 EUs. There is a big celebration going on in town; the emphasis is on Maddona del Gracia - Pray for US the sign says in Italian. We walked the old walled town; admired dressed from Renaissance period."

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 09-May-2010

Giglio (Marina)

Badger wrote:
"....We are tied up to a floating dock which replays the Tacomo-Washington Bridge dance everytime a ferry comes in BUT it is sheltered from the sea by an outcropping of the island. We were glad to find a secure spot....."

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 20-May-2010

Gaeta (Town Dock)

Barb and Art of Badger wrote in their news letter"
Gaeta is a nato base with a large US ship docked in the harbor. We are in the public section - very nice - it only cost 38 EU too! As we came into the bay the wind was screaming around the cape doing about 15-20 knots. A racing boat about our size came to play with us like a dolphin. Three men and a boy on board. They came within about 20 feet of us and raced us for a long time. I was really surprised that badger kept up - altho we had our engine still running from when there was no wind. I took some photos and after they passed us the shot off to another section of the bay. The bay is surrounded by mountains. Nice place."

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 09-May-2010

Tropea (Marina)

Barb and Art of Badger wrote in their newsletter:
"About 7 am we left riposto after fueling up and headed north for the straights of messina; we had calculated that the water would flow north in our direction 1 hour and 40 minutes after high tide at gilbralta...we found the time on the internet. we figured it would flow north from about 8 am to about 2 pm...somehow we got it wrong because we had lots of turbolence and made about 2 knots with strong winds behind us...until we got to the very north end when the current threw us out at about 6 knots. It was about 3 pm with more than 30 miles to go to Tropea, the best harbor nearby. So we called Tropea to see if there were any slips available and there were and we set out for a long trip. The winds were against us from the north...it was a port tack...we did about 5+ into them and sometimes 6+, getting into Tropea at 8:15 pm, just as it was getting very dark. Their man was there to direct us in and catch our lines. He parked us just to the left of a boat from england and we all sat on deck and had a drink celebrating our long trip.

Today we walked up to the hill town of Tropea...the views of the Tyrannean sea are beautiful from the top....."
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 09-May-2010

San Remo

 Free mooring for three days. As you enter the harbour go left close to the "AGIP", south side. Declare to the Coast Guard your arrival.
The locale Yacht Club Sanremo has the best fish resturant of the area (ask of Jimmy, the cook).
Pier Mario [ Fabiola ] 07-Aug-2010

Macinaggio (Marina)

Badger wrote:
" This is a good marina and not charge band 5 as given in Heikel's book, we pay 31.60 Eur. WFi is good and free...."
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 21-May-2010

Cala Galera (Marina)

Italy (Adriatic)