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Toilets, Showers

The toilets and showers are clean and nice. Usually lots of hot water. I was only disapointed one late afternoon when the water was cold.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 07-Dec-2007

Washing Machines (Laundry)

There is a washing machine in both the ladies and gents, though only the ladies one was working. No one minded me using the ladies room washer. In the spring, both were working fine.

The soap is dispensed automatically, despite the confusing instructions. There is no need to add soap to the machine.

You need to hang the laundry on the boat to dry.

Buy tokens at the marina office for €3 per load. Quite a big load too.

If you want to prewash or have a higher temperature than 40C it may take more than one token.

After loading the machine it first spins to balance the machine. You will be surprised how much it will take.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 31-May-2009