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Kalofano (Anchorage)

We came here by car, but it looks like a nice anchorage.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 06-Oct-2006

Plakes Bay (Beach)

Although nudity is officially prohibited in Greece, there is a sign on this beach saying Nudity prohibited except in Plakes Bay. Nude beach.

I thought Martesi beach was Plakes as there were naked people on the beach. Martesi is sandy though, and I believe that Plakes is all rock. So it must be one of the coves around the corner to the west.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 22-Feb-2007

Martesi Beach (Beach)

I thought this was Plakes as there were several naked people on the beach, but I guess this is Martesi, and Plakes is a rocky shelf around the corner. There is a taverna in the North West Corner of this beach
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 25-Jul-2008

Monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa (Excursion)

Amazing architecture perched on the side of a cliff in breathtaking surroundings. It is a 20 minute hike from the Chora, or you can drive to the parking lot and walk up the steps.

There is a strict dress code which is long pants for men, dresses or skirts for women and no bare shoulders. We put jeans on over our shorts in the parking lot before the climb.

The monk that greeted us made no sound whatsoever during our 20 minute stay. We wondered whether he had a vow of silence. He seated us in a wonderful room upstairs and served us Naxion liqueur.

This is one of the highlights of Amorgos and not to be missed.

More info from www.amorgos-island.gr

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 05-Mar-2007

Katapola (Town Dock)

Aegiali (Anchorage)

We came here by car, but it looks like a good port
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 13-Feb-2008

Ag Anna (Beach)

Chora (Excursion)

Kalotiri (Anchorage)